Windows Could not parse or process unattend answer file [C:\Windows\Panther\unattend.xml] for pass [Specialize]

Error : Windows Could not parse or process unattend answer file [C:\Windows\Panther\unattend.xml] for pass [Specialize].
A componenet or non-list setting is specified more than once in the answer file.



Build Error


Issue : During server Build You may get above error for various reasons. But in our build there was a issue with faulty NIC.

Resolution : 

After verifying build log and Unattend.xml file we came to know that there was problem with NIC, 

On server two NIC’s were having same MAC address that was causing the build failure.


Build Log

After replacing the NIC card we were able to complete the build with no issues.


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Unable to install SQL 2008 on Windows Server 2012 Failover Cluster

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Unable to install SQL 2008 on Windows Server 2012 Failover Cluster.

Scenario : If you are trying to configure SQL 2008 Cluster on Windows 2012 / 2012 R2 Clusters, You may get below errors during installation.

SQL Error 1 SQL Error 1

SQL Error 2 SQL Error 2

SQL Error 3 SQL Error 3

If you refer the Event logs / Cluster Logs / SQL Installation logs, You might get below logs for troubleshooting.

Event Logs :
The system failed to register pointer (PTR) resource records (RRs) for network adapter
with settings, Event ID : 8013, 1014

Note : ipconfig /registerdns will fail if you try to update manually, But it will fails with above event ID’s.

Cluster Logs :
Cluster network name resource ‘Cluster Name’ failed registration of one or more associated DNS name(s) for the following reason:
The handle is invalid. Ensure that the network adapters associated with dependent IP address resources are configured with at least…

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Collect Memory Dump on Virtual Machine using NotMyFault

Tip to Collect Memory Dump on Virtual Machine

Issue :Forcing system to generate memory dump using NotMyFault

Scenario : To troubleshoot advanced level of OS Issues like, Server Hang, Performace issues, Application / Process crash, This tool can be used to generate “MEMORY DUMP” on Virtual Machince (VM Servers).

Advantage of This tool is “No registry changes are needed to get the server to crash.”

This tool can be used When.

1.When the server is behaving badly
2.Out of resource errors
3.Very slow to respond
4.Generally anything that is not normal server operation
5.The server isn’t completely locked up (we need to run the executable to force the dump)
6.In general this should work for any OS.

How to Run NotMyFault?

Locate and Run Command Prompt with Administrator rights (Run As Administrator)

Change the path to the folder where you have saved NotMyFault (Download and Extract the Zip file)

Type NotMyfault.exe /crash 

Run When you are facing issue, It will create a Dump file based on your Memory size, Make Sure Dump configurations (Dump Path, Dump Type Etc)  are set properly before running this command.

Once you have Memory Dump, later you can analyze the DMP file using Windbg tool for further analysis.

NotMyFault can be downloaded from below link.

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Could not grant the cluster access to the share – Always ON Cluster

Scenario : Error while configuring File Share Witness as Cluster Quorum Settings.
I have faced this issue, while configuring the Failover cluster for SQL Always ON nodes, There we are using File Share Witness, Share folder will be same as ” CNO Name”, Generally this shared folder will be on different data center, and provided by NAS.

Errors :
Could not grant the cluster access to the share “\\Share Name\Share Folder (CNO as share folder)”
There was an error granting the cluster access to the selected the share “\Share Name\Share Folder”
Failed to grant permission for the cluster ” Cluster Name” to access the share ” Shared Folder”
Unable to save the properties of the share “\\\\Share Name\Share Folder”
Access Denied.

Here is the sample Cluster quorum report image, while configuring the quorum settings.

Cluster Witness

Resolution :
In the Node and File Share Majority quorum model, file share provides an axtra vote to establish quorum.

The File share requires full permission (NTFS Permission) to the Cluster name (CNO, or VCO).

Open share folder properties, Security tab – Permission, Modify – Add – Give CNO name with full permission.

Now you can try configuring File Share witness for quorum, You will be able to do it successfully.

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The Recycle Bin on Drive is corrupted. Do you want to empty the Recycle Bin for this drive ?

Issue : While accessing the drives, getting pop-up like Recycle Bin on D / E Drive is corrupted,

Sample error message.

Recycle BIN Corrupt

Resolution : To resolve the above issue, follow the below steps.

Step 1 : Try to delete $Recycle.bin folder manually from the drive.

If you are getting access denied during deletion, You may not be able to complete this task.

Step 2 : Forcefully delete the $Recycle.bin folder from command prompt.

Open elevated command prompt, and run below command (In my example E:\ Drive Recycle Bin is corrupted).

rd /s /q e:\$Recycle.bin

Sometimes this command will gives you access denied error.

Step 3 :

Warning : Before performing this step, take a backup of the drive (Copy all the data to other drive)

Delete the entire drive. ( From Disk management, diskmgmt.msc – Right click on drive — Delete partition)

Open Registry editor ( Start – Run – Regedit )

Locate the below registry path


Delete the above mentioned key from registry editor.


Once server is up, Recreate the drive with same old drive letter,

Copy all data back to drive,

Now your system will not get “Recycle Bin” corrupted error.

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Unable to install Non-Store (Microsoft Software store) application on Windows 8 / Windows 10 Devices

Problem : Unable to install Non-Store (Microsoft Software store) application on Windows 8 / Windows 10 Devices.

If you are trying to install the custom application (Non store apps) on Windows 8 / Windows 10 devices, You will get a below error during installation.

Windows 8.1 Error during installation,


Windows 10 mobile error during installation.


Cause : Since non store application doesn’t have the valid certificates from the store, It will not allow you to install the app,

Resolution: You may need to download the respective certificate before you install the app,

If you have created your app using Appstudio, click on Get install able package for app, (if your application created using other softwares, you need create and install certificate for that app.


You can download and install the certificate or Using QR code scan, you can install the certificate


Or Install Windows App Studio Installer App from Store, it will download and install both certificate and Application on your mobile.

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BYOD – Manage company data using Office 365 Mobile Management feature (Without third party application)

BYOD – Manage company data using Office 365 Mobile Management option (Without third party application).

Applicable to : Windows 8,8.1, 10 Mobile devices, Android, IOS smart phones.

Pre-requisites : Office 365 Enterprise tenant subscription.

Scenario: – Now a day’s most of the companies are offering BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) feature to employees, where they can configure the company email accounts on their own smart phones,

In this scenario, I will be guiding you how to put restrictions on those smartphones where company email account is configured, Restrictions means (Disabling the screenshots, Disable copy/paste.

Follow below steps to achieve the requirement.

Login to Office 365 Admin center and click on Mobile Management option.


Click on Mobile Device security policies and access rules,

Before creating policies, enable user for BYOD option, (Create a security group and add user to that group)

In my example, I have created a “Screenshot_Block_Sec Grp” Security group and added user to this group.  Click on new policy


Give appropriate policy name (Based on their roles you can restrict the rights)



Select appropriate option based on your company requirement,


In this scenario, I am selecting Block Screen capture (it will restrict users to take the screenshots on that device).

Add the Security group which you have created for this policy, I have added Screenshot Block security group, and added user to this group. Click on Add and Close,


Verify the rules and click Finish to Enable the rule.


If user already enrolled device, They will get Pop-up like “Your administrator has updated the policy”

If prompts, type password and proceed,

For new enrollment,

Windows Phone

Go to Settings –> Add Workplace or School Account under Email and Accounts (Win 10 Device) or Work Access


For Windows 8 / 8.1 Settings –> Workplace –> Click on Enroll –-> Provide Valid email ID,





Now your account is enrolled with MDM successfully, It may take some time to affect all policies.

Now this will prompt you to type your password, enter the valid password and click on Next

Once verification is done, it will take few minutes to sync the applied policies, If your device not configured with password, It will prompt you to set the password,


Also you can see that, Screenshot is disabled by company policy.


For some policies, you may get pop-up for Restart the mobile, and policies will apply after restart.


If User lost the device, Admin can wipe / partial wipe the device remotely.

Select the appropriate device, and click on Full Wipe ( This will be set to factory restore setting), Selective Wipe (This will erase company data and it will not erase any of your personal data).


If you forgot or mobile locks with bad password, Admin can Reset the password and which can be used for unlocking the device.

Hope this article is useful to explore few features of Office 365.


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