Performing E-Fuse / Server Reset on HPE Blade.

Performing E-Fuse / Server Reset on HPE Blade.

E-Fuse is used when a Blade system has to be reset virtually (without physically reseting the server).

In this scenario, I am giving example of my HPE C7000 Enclosure.

(GUI Veiw of OA Login)

GUI Veiw of OA Login

I have 8 Full Height Blades. And I am going to perform E-Fuse on Bay 1 (Server1) – Highlighted below

8 Full Height Blades

Login to Putty  / OA CLI  (You can connect to Active OA – IP / Hostname of OA and click on Open).

Login to Putty

Login Using Valid username and password

OA Login

Here I am going to E-Fuse of Bay 1 (Reset of Bay1).

Once you initiate the command “Reset Server <Bay #>”  à Blade will come out from the Chassis / Enclosure and it will reinserted back to the respective bay again.


Command will be : Reset Server 1

Reset Server

Warning Message: type “YES” Then Enter

Warning Message

Now Server Bay 1 will be disappear (Please see in below image)

Bay -1

And server is reinserting back to the bay.

server is reinserting

Blade is re-inserted successfully.

Blade will restart

Once Reinsert successfully done, Blade will restart. (Highlighted above)

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