Collect Memory Dump on Virtual Machine using NotMyFault

Tip to Collect Memory Dump on Virtual Machine

Issue :Forcing system to generate memory dump using NotMyFault

Scenario : To troubleshoot advanced level of OS Issues like, Server Hang, Performace issues, Application / Process crash, This tool can be used to generate “MEMORY DUMP” on Virtual Machince (VM Servers).

Advantage of This tool is “No registry changes are needed to get the server to crash.”

This tool can be used When.

1.When the server is behaving badly
2.Out of resource errors
3.Very slow to respond
4.Generally anything that is not normal server operation
5.The server isn’t completely locked up (we need to run the executable to force the dump)
6.In general this should work for any OS.

How to Run NotMyFault?

Locate and Run Command Prompt with Administrator rights (Run As Administrator)

Change the path to the folder where you have saved NotMyFault (Download and Extract the Zip file)

Type NotMyfault.exe /crash 

Run When you are facing issue, It will create a Dump file based on your Memory size, Make Sure Dump configurations (Dump Path, Dump Type Etc)  are set properly before running this command.

Once you have Memory Dump, later you can analyze the DMP file using Windbg tool for further analysis.

NotMyFault can be downloaded from below link.

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