The Recycle Bin on Drive is corrupted. Do you want to empty the Recycle Bin for this drive ?

Issue : While accessing the drives, getting pop-up like Recycle Bin on D / E Drive is corrupted,

Sample error message.

Recycle BIN Corrupt

Resolution : To resolve the above issue, follow the below steps.

Step 1 : Try to delete $Recycle.bin folder manually from the drive.

If you are getting access denied during deletion, You may not be able to complete this task.

Step 2 : Forcefully delete the $Recycle.bin folder from command prompt.

Open elevated command prompt, and run below command (In my example E:\ Drive Recycle Bin is corrupted).

rd /s /q e:\$Recycle.bin

Sometimes this command will gives you access denied error.

Step 3 :

Warning : Before performing this step, take a backup of the drive (Copy all the data to other drive)

Delete the entire drive. ( From Disk management, diskmgmt.msc – Right click on drive — Delete partition)

Open Registry editor ( Start – Run – Regedit )

Locate the below registry path


Delete the above mentioned key from registry editor.


Once server is up, Recreate the drive with same old drive letter,

Copy all data back to drive,

Now your system will not get “Recycle Bin” corrupted error.

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