Create Volume Mount points / Junction points

 Create Volume Mount points / Junction points

Applicable to: Windows server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 / R2 Versions servers.

Open Disk Management (Start –> Run –> diskmgmt.msc)

Note:  If Disks are offline, Make these disks online and Initialize these disks.

Right click on unallocated space –> New Simple Volume


Next –> Allocate the disk size in MB (If you would like to use entire disk, Leave as it is) –>


Next –>Select second option (Mount in the following empty NTFS folder)



Click on Browse –> Select Destination path where you would like to mount these drive.

(Click on New Folder to create folder, if you have created a folder earlier, select folder and click on OK.)


Format the newly created volume, Update the Label details.


Click on Next à Finish to complete.

Browse the folder to view newly mounted drives.


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